October 20, 2018

Winter Coat Drive 2018

For many, staying warm this winter isn’t easy. Even though they’re shelters and emergency centers to help those who are homeless, they still need items like winter coats, sock and snow boots to survive this winter season. Low income families often have to choose between paying their energy bill or providing winter essentials for their families. 

That’s why each year ITAVFoundation partner up with various emergency centers, shelters and community leaders to help those who are in need.

No one should freeze to death, but many do during winter.

Help Us Make A Difference!

Items Needed: 

Winter Coats ( all ages) 

Socks ( black or white) 

Gently Used Winter Boots (all ages) 

Gloves ( all ages)

Or you can email info@itavf.org for pick up or drop off