Advocating children’s literacy, education and involvement in the arts.


May, 2012



Originally established in 2012, Plant The Seed is a grassroots initiative advocating children’s literacy, education, and involvement in the arts.

Each year we collect reading books for all ages for public school kids and local organization within the community. Since then, we’ve collected over 10,000 reading books. ITAVFoundation Plant the Seed project encourage everyone to read. Not just kids but adults as well. It’s important that we read to our children and have them read to us.  We believe every school should have a library and we will continue to work towards providing schools and parents with reading material until every child have access to the beauty of discovering adventures through reading.

Benefits of reading:

  1. Acquire knowledge
  2. Expands your vocabulary
  3. Sharpens writing skills
  4. Enhance critical and analytical skills
  5. Improves memory
  6. Boosts concentration
  7. Feeds your imagination
  8. Reduces stress

ITAVFoundation Plant the Seed project encourage our youths and young adults to be more involved in the arts like, dancing, poetry, creative writing, music and visual art. Art is expression, It’s important that we allow our youths and young adult to express themselves, but too often whenever there’s a budget cut, art and music programs are the first to go. Too often public school kids get the short end of the stick, ITAVFoundation plant to seed program believe every child should have access to creative freedom especially those gifted in the arts.

“Out of 218 Philadelphia schools, only 174 have a visual art teacher, and only 25 have school-based instrumental music teachers. And even then, two-thirds of those teachers don’t have a budget for supplies or for their classrooms.” source

Art plays a major role in these developmental areas:

  1. Motor Skills
  2. Language Development
  3. Decision Making
  4. Visual Learning
  5. Inventiveness
  6. Cultural Awareness
  7. Improved Academic Performance

Our plant the seed project will continue to working closely with organizations and summer programs involved in the arts and creative writing.

Our goal is to create scholarship program to help send kids to summer programs that will help them grow.

What can people do to participate and support Plant the Seed?

Through the year, people can participate/support by either purchasing books or donate books they no longer use to our annual book drive.

Volunteer at your local library or after school program as a reading tutor.

In the summer, people can participate by volunteering to help count, catalog and deliver books to local schools and organizations.

You can also make a donation.

If you or someone you know works with local organization that need reading books please contact us at

If you are a teacher/daycare owner that need reading books please contact us.

Are you looking for sponsors/partnerships? If so, how can people contact you for additional information?

ITAVFoundation plant the seed project would love for you to be a sponsor. We believe with your sponsorship we can change the lives of many kids

We would love to partner with summer programs involved in the arts and creative writing. If you have a project in mind or would love to partner up with us please contact us.