Notes of Encouragement
November 8, 2018

Notes of Encouragement: Send It On

Join us as we write 1500 handwritten words of encouragement notes this holiday season. Notes will be mailed to homeless shelters, senior citizen center as well as to children and those in the hospital. 

How to participate: Anyone can participate. Groups, individuals or schools. All are welcomed. 

Write your note of encourage on index card or line paper with something uplifting, positive and inspiring. 

Mail your note to 

2020 S Garnet St, 
Philadelphia Pa 19145

Deadline: December 8th 2018

If you would like to be added to our mailing list or if you would like for us to mail someone you know words of encouragement contact us. Send us your name, their name(s) and addresses

Notes of Encouragement
Notes of Encouragement