Trudean Haye

Trudean Haye, International Activist, Philadelphian resident and CEO & Founder of The ITAVFoundation is a tireless champion of community grassroots efforts, advocating for those in high risk and unjustly marginalized populations. Originally born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica, Trudean moved to Philadelphia, PA at the tender age of fourteen. The move came after being sent for by her mother who had time to establish herself in the States before Trudean’s move. However because of the emotional and financial instability of their living situation, Trudean found herself on her own and homeless at sixteen years old. After temporarily staying with a family of a friend, that family opened up their home to take Trudean in to live with them permanently.

Although the family provided as much as they could for Trudean, the teenager found herself without school supplies and uniforms needed for her educational success. After meeting with the School Principal of Delaware Valley Charter High School, the teachers in the school banded together and donated clothes, shoes and all school supplies that she needed.

After graduating from Delaware Valley Charter High School in 2008, Trudean immediately became active within her community by volunteering and hosting donation events. In 2010, she launched her annual Back To School Donation Drive geared towards public school children and teachers. That year, the drive filled 700 school bags with donated school supplies. Later, Trudean expanded the Back to School Drive efforts to her home country Jamaica.

In the summer of 2012, while being contracted to plan a three-day Gala event for a non-profit organization, Trudean was introduced to a local Philadelphian author. Realizing that they shared a similar passion for giving back to the community, they joined forces to do a book drive. Together they were able to collect over 7,500 reading books for Philadelphia public school children, ranging from pre-K to eighth grades. Witnessing the success of the book drive, Trudean helped found the Plant The Seed Movement, a grassroots initiative advocating children’s literacy, education and involvement in the arts.

In 2014, Trudean partnered with The GIRL, U CAN DO IT, INC. organization, advocating for those living with HIV/AIDS. Trudean would later be asked to be one of the organization’s co-coordinators of the RED, WHITE & U HIV Anti-Stigma Photoshoot and Campaign, a movement highlighting beautiful, brave and courageous women living with HIV around the world. Trudean also attended and raised money for the citywide Domestic Walk Awareness Event on an annual basis.

In the same year, Trudean started working with You’re A.O.K. Foundation, volunteering every Saturday with their outdoor, feeding the homeless initiative. With love and passion to help others, Trudean eventually became a member of the You’re A.O.K Foundation where she continues to help in the planning of their winter coat drive and distribution of meals to their youth outreach program.

In early winter of 2015, Trudean participated in The Covenant House Sleep-Out Program, raising awareness about homelessness in America among youth, including the LGBTQ youth community. Being homeless at one point herself, Trudean decided to partake in The Covenant House Sleep-Out Program every year.

In winter 2016, Trudean organized The Feminine Hygiene Care Project which provided over 200 purses filled with feminine hygiene products to women living in shelters. She later expanded The Care Package Drive to include the provision of shoes, jackets, socks, baby clothes and pantry baskets for the homeless population and high-risk low-income families.

Through the ITAVFoundation, Trudean is determined to continually champion national and international causes, campaigns and movements that advocate emotional, mental, physical, economic health and wellness.